District Steel

The opening track of the District Steel Game score is now available on Soundcloud. I am very proud to be on board of the talented team of game developers from Barricade Studio 😀. I wrote and produced the trailer music as well as the in-game music.
See it now and embark on your VR robot slaying adventure at Februari 16th. Available in the Steam Store.

We were completely satisfied about his performance, with positive reactions from the audience and a good turnover at the bar.

As a DJ, he puts so much effort into his work. This really pays out.

Impressive what you managed to learn in only one year.

On the District Steel game score: “It’s fresh with a good atmosphere”

What I do

About Jorn

Music always came natural to me. listening to all the classics, from symphonic rock to cheesy pop, it just moved me. When I was about 11, I got my first PC. This is where I created my first rudimentary form of music with the so called ‘trackers’. As a result of enthusiasm, My parents let me learn to play the keys of a classic Yamaha keyboard, which was a magical experience. In my early adulthood, I discovered DJ’ing and started throwing parties with my friends at the local youth hangout. Great fun! Still eager to explore, I accepted a friend’s invitation to join a blues band, which was completely new angle on music and a solid base to grow on. In the mean time I also worked with great people, compiling and mixing music for a colourful variety of gigs: shop openings, a beach club, weddings, fashion shows, meditations, belly dance shows, and so on. I was fortunate that my family supported every step of this journey!

After a successful career as a web developer, I decided to change my course and go all-in for the music. It made sense, because music can touch me deeply and creating fresh moving melodies with dedicated gear gives me total satisfaction. With the completion of the ‘Full Course’ at the Music Production Academy in Rotterdam, my first milestone has been achieved. Now onto the next!

In 2018 I graduated cum laude with the ‘Full Course’ at the Music Production Academy in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Right now I’m finishing the musical score of the anticipated indie VR game ‘District Steel’ by Barricade Studios.

See also my Curriculum Vitae.

My strengths

I have solid knowledge of music theory and an ever growing ability to apply this in a practical way. From concept to a finished arrangement or just mixing: a unique, well balanced sound will be accomplished. Pumping beats & grooves or emotional striking melodies? I love it all!

  • Music is just It

    Emotion, harmony, musical tension and creative storytelling wrapped in this magic fabric called ‘sound’: endlessly enjoyable. Why even ask?

  • Ableton, FL Studio and loads of plugins

    I do a nice job translating this creative ‘blob’ into actual music with a good set of technical skills and, of course (of course!), industry standard tools.

  • Experience

    As a DJ, in game scoring, as a composer and in a blues band as a piano player. All for the people. And a little bit for me.

  • Love to learn!

    Quite at ease with absorbing knowledge. More please.

  • Fail to improve

    Work relentlessly until the magic happens. That means goosebumps.

  • Synergy

    1+1=3. Let’s make it a 100 together! While enjoying a cup of coffee and a good laugh.

  • Yes, I DO have bad traits 😉

    Stubborn, morning mood, losing track of the big picture. To name them all, uhhh, a few.

  • My CV

    For a comprehensive list

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